Board of Directors

Alan Hunter - President

Alan introduces himself as "Jessica's Dad."

Alan’s message to all young people is "You have the power to Choose Your Story."  He speaks at schools, churches, and community groups across the country. 

Alan is a Zig Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainer, a Personality Insights Human Behavior Consultant, and an author

Favorite Memory of Jessica ~

On one of our first daddy daughter dates I took Jessica to a circus.  Before the event, she saw a classmate of hers being wheeled down to a special section on the main floor for handicap people.  She said “Daddy, can I go say hi to her” and of course I said yes.  Before I could get up, Jessica had run down the stairs and out the ramp to the first floor to see her classmate.  I stood there and watched how she talked and laughed with her friend.  At that age, I would have been intimidated by the wheelchair… Jessica wasn’t.  All she saw was a friend.  It was at that moment I realized that she had a special heart for everyone regardless of their circumstances

Rodney Thompson - Vice President

Rodney is the Life-Safety Manager for the All Saints Episcopal School in Fort Worth, TX with over 1100 students on a 150-acre campus.  He is responsible for a staff of 8 safety officers and for maintaining the security systems throughout the various facilities on campus.  He has over 30 years of experience in protecting the lives of young people.  He and his wife, Joan, have four children and 6 grand-children.

Favorite Memory of Jessica ~

My first impression of Jessica was when I went over to Alan and Debbie’s house to play pool the first time after Alan and I had reconnected.  Her smile was infectious!  Jessica was, or at least seemed to be, excited to meet me.  I could tell how much she loved her dad and she was so curious about what we were doing and wanting to hear our conversation about growing up as teens together.   

Debbie Hunter Secretary/Treasurer

Debbie is Jessica’s mom.  She is retired from Verizon Communications where she provided SAP system support.

 Favorite Memory of Jessica ~ 

Every memory is special.  I miss her smile, her laugh, and her daily calls when she’d call me from work to tell me about her day and what she was eating for lunch.  Most of all, I miss her hugs and the nights when she’d come home from college and we’d sit up and talk about everything in the world.  I was so proud of the young woman she had become.  She wasn’t afraid to stand up for herself and would always take the higher road when having disagreements with friends.  Her friendships were important to her and would say “I would rather forgive and stay friends than not be friends.”      

Cindy Barksdale - Board Member

Cindy is a highly recognized middle-school counselor in the Northwest Independent School District in North Texas.  She has over 23 years of teaching and counseling experience.  Cindy is also a City Council member of Chico, TX.  She and her husband, Arnie, have two children.

Favorite Memory of Jessica ~

Some of my favorite memories of Jessica was watching her as a vibrant preteen at my wedding.  Over the years, I then watched her grow to be a considerate and kind young adult. She was always so patient with younger children. She was definitely a shining light.

Cheri Perry - Board Member

Cheri and her husband Dean founded Total Merchant Concepts, a national credit card processing company located in Vancouver Washington.  Cheri is a highly regarded speaker, trainer, author and is known for her energy and contagious smile.  Cheri is a Certified Ziglar Legacy Trainer, John Maxwell Certified Trainer & DISC Behavioral Consultant.

Favorite Memory of Jessica ~

I met Jessica while building sand castles in Destin Florida.  “She was an amazing, cheerful and loving girl and everyone seemed to be drawn to her.”  As a wife and Mother the news of Jessica’s loss touched me deeply and I am passionate about getting the word out and raising awareness.  “If this type of thing can happen to Jessica, it could happen to my son, Tyler, and it can happen to anyone! We NEED to make sure people know Jessica’s story!” 


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